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Choreographic + Performative Works

Artist Statement

To me, dance creation has always served as a sacred space for patient reflections where I can translate any subject I investigate into a visually rich and educational performance. I am fascinated by the unending ways in which the performative tools of movement, lighting, sound scores, music, costume design, videos, text, illustrations, and other mediums can intersect & come together to form a cohesive and holistic identity that moves the audience. Dance choreography and composition allows me to take what I learn in science, theology, philosophy, history, and other wondrous studies and analyze/interpret that information, and transform it into a performance that enriches both the participating dancers and audience. I should walk away from each experience/project with a more intimate knowledge and understanding of the explored subject than I would gain from only reading a book. My approach to dancemaking is rigorously grounded in research, dialogue, reflection, writing, and multimedia collaboration.

Dancing for Gifted Artists

I consider it a great privilege and honor to dance and perform for other gifted artists. It is a joy and delight to be a part of someone’s vision & immerse myself fully in their process. I value learning from other dancers, choreographers, and creators to enhance and sharpen my own movement vocabulary. When I perform, train, and rehearse,  I carry a sense of unspeakable pleasure that galvanizes me into the pursuit of excellence. Always looking to absorb deeper knowledge & possibilities of dancing, I believe constant collaboration, learning from others, trying new things, and taking risks are vital to good stewardship.

RDH .png

Sat in a Boat

Directed by Rebecca Diane Huang

by Michael Salisbury (1).jpg

Love Letters

Directed by Hannah Santistevan and Yuge Zhou


Directed by Rebecca Diane Huang


Third Space

Directed by Rebecca Diane Huang

First Amendment

Directed by Rebecca Diane Huang

Furtherance to Occlusion

Directed by Rebecca Diane Huang


Directed by Rebecca Diane Huang and Nia Robinson


Seat & Chase Suns Movement Life

and Disturb the Present Future

Directed by Keisha Bennett

Sternum Erased

Directed by Jacob Buerger


Instead of This Happy &

Expected Outcome

Directed by Dardi McKinley Gallivan

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