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Creative Producing + Project Management

Creative Producing

It is a magical feeling to witness a vision come to fruition with passion, grit and teamwork. Serving as a creative producer and project manager has to be one of my biggest passions in life! For it combines my top skill sets, working geniuses and brings inexpressable enjoyment. During my tenure on the Central Arts & Worship Creative Media team, I led as a producer collaborating with filmmakers & directors. This entailed auditioning and booking talent, handling all pre-production logistics including scope of work, crew hiring ,managing independent contractor agreements, project budgets, call sheets, scheduling, securing locations, props & wardrobes, talent communication, hospitality and more.

Project Management

On the project management side, I’ve created and implemented brand new structures to support workflows, processes, timelines and deadlines in the software, Hive, and successfully oversaw more than 150+ creative deliveries. From conception to activation and execution, my fullfillment comes from faithful completion of excellent & the highest quality of product; As well as ensuring all creative collaborators involved (talent, crew, staff, directors, DPs, filmmakers, clients) are thriving and enriched through the filming experience. I’ve also spearheaded a brand new interface for the weekend programming calendar to increase collaboration, accountability and clarity between diverse departments including content development, marcom, GEX, creative and volunteer teams.

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The Lost Son Returns

Main Image_What Child is This.jpg

What Child is This

Main Image_The Disappearing Challah.png

The Disappearing Challah

Main Image_Big Feelings.png

Big Feelings

Main Image_Willow Friends, Frozen Jr..png

Willow Friends, Frozen Jr.

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