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Carol Fox and Associates (CF&A)

I've worked as an Account Executive at Carol Fox and Associates (CF&A), Chicago's largest public relations and marketing agency dedicated to serving the arts, entertainment, hospitality and education sector. It was a privilege to contribute to Chicago's vibrant arts and entertainment scene. I've worked on many incredible projects including AMAZE Light Festival, Blue Man Group, 21c Museum Hotel Chicago, Fashion Outlets of Chicago, Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Chicago/New York, The Shops at North Bridge, The Office Experience, The FRIENDS Experience, WNDR Museum, Village of Rosemont and more.

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The Hokin Gallery

6 Artists / 6 Spaces + ARTexchange2020 + Hokin Honors 2020

I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Hokin’s Team under the direction of Robert Blandford. For the three featured gallery shows, I took the lead in the area of PR/Marketing. Working with artists, team members, and professionals from College Art Association (CAA), our marketing team curated a tasteful and appealing social media feed. I was also in charge of composing press releases and connecting with different media personnels for promotion. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, 6 Artists / 6 Spaces is currently postponed to a later opening. We adapted quickly to create a Reopening PR/Marketing Plan + Manual with templates, instructions, contact lists, social media calendar, and resources that can easily be passed into the hands of the next leader for a seamless transition.

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Kellye Howard SEO Enhancing

During the course of a semester, I worked alongside two talented classmates (Malika Bereza & Yvvi Atanassov) to help enhance the digital media platforms for local comedian Kellye Howard. We strategized and executed a website SEO plan that involved inserting effective meta keywords, description, and titles. We took the steps to connect her site to Google Search Console and enable Google Analytics with custom reports. We also offered extensive consulting in the areas of blogging, email marketing, social media, and PPC campaigns. I believe this was a great preliminary start that helped set Kellye up for continuing success.

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Chicago Tabernacle Web + App Manager/Volunteer

For over a year and half, I volunteered on the Creative Team for Chicago Tabernacle, a local non-profit church on the north side. Working specifically as the Web + App Manager, I had the privilege to collaborate with a small group of creatives and ensure timely and accurate publishing of sermon and devotional content for a congregation of 2,000+ members.

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