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Job Summary

Since March 2018, I've worked as Project Manager: Event Production, Sales and Marketing for Chicago Private Yacht Rentals, Inc. Adeline's Sea Moose is the name of our gorgeous mid-sized private yacht and I've produced a wide variety of events for three chartering seasons. It's our passion to curate and host the most luxurious, intimate, and unique chartering experiences for our clients. 

As a team-player in this small business setting, I wear multiple hats and enjoy executing with excellence in all the areas of my responsibilities. I've successfully brought in over $240K in event sales and served as the event photographer for over 50 events. I work obsessively hard for my clients and the company to create lasting memories. 

You can view in detail the featured events I worked on on this page. From birthday celebrations, corporate events, private fine dining, bachelorette parties, ash scattering services to wedding ceremonies, I take care of all planning, coordinating, and executing logistics. Most importantly, I build great relationships with clients as I take extremely good care of them! 

Featured Events

Digital Marketing

Marketing Fun

I love the amazing opportunity this job has given me to oversee and manage different marketing projects - both digital & offline. The example featured are products of my original content creation for the yacht company. My photography and artistic eye for beauty/design has rendered a beautifully curated instagram feed and a series of automated email campaigns. I’ve also created branded videos, Info Packets, saddle stitch flipbooks, brochures, birthday cards, and a variety of print collaterals. I also enjoy being in charge of content marketing and publishing SEO blog articles that effectively strengthen online authority. Collaborating with our PPC strategist and writers, I manage all editorial logistics and report to the CEO. Anyways, it’s so much fun!



70th Birthday Celebration

"My wife 70th birthday wish was to cruise on Lake Michigan with family and friends. So I chartered the Sea Moose through Chicago Private Yacht Rentals. Rebecca Huang was my key contact and amazing. Not only did she handle the charter, fantastic catered food and beverage, but she was on board helping the crew deliver a very memorable, unforgettable night for my wife, me and our 40 guests. Topped off by 80 degree weather, clear blue skies, magnificent sunset, smooth waters and a very full moon it was spectacular. I was in the hospitality business for 45 years entertaining groups from 40 to 15,000. So I'm a very critical judge of good quality and delivering what was promised/contracted. Chicago Private Yacht Rentals delivered MORE than what was promised. I highly recommend them and hope to use them for my 80th birthday. Home Run!"

- Ron Officer

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