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Third Space

Choreographer: Rebecca Diane Huang

Music: When She Went Away & Something Under Her Skin by Max Richter

Text: Written by Rebecca Diane Huang / Spoken by Nicole Alexandria

Lighting Design: Here Perkowitz

Dancers: Keisha Bennett, James Rabideau, Marceia Scruggs and Michelle Zurita

Mentor: Keesha Beckford

Video Documentation: Jane Jerardi

Photo Credits: Laura Mora Baquero, William Frederking, and Emily Scanlon

The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

Student Performance Night Spring 2015

April 16 & 17, 2015

Third Space was initially a short Dance For Camera solo-work. It was later built upon for a further sealing of identity. The quartet comments and responds to the presumed correlation between creativity and psychoses. The dance draws from a psychological meta-analysis by Carson, Peterson and Higgins (2003) entitled, Decreased Latent Inhibition Is Associated With Increased Creative Achievement in High-Functioning Individuals. The crafting process fostered an intellectual and physical examination of the relationship between creative innovation and instinctive usage of latent inhibition. Movement research explored both pedestrian and studio spaces, an intentional pursuit for exposure and receptiveness to familiar and newer stimuli. The project reaches its full fervor culminating in an interlacing of text, movement and musicality. Emotional and confrontational, this is a dance that celebrates the age of divergent thinking and questions the dismissing of art-making based on assumptions.

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