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Furtherance to Occlusion

Choreographer: Rebecca Diane Huang

Music: Pressure by Loscil + Mur, Trioon II by Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

Text: Written by Rebecca Diane Huang / Spoken by Hillary Mason

Lighting Design: Jessica Humke

Dancers: Maria Natalia Corradin, Amanda Gross, Hillary Mason, Christina Pouagare, Crystal Sutherland, Duoduo Wang and Michelle Zurita

Mentor: Darrell Jones

Video Documentation: Jane Jerardi

Photo Credits: William Frederking

The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

Student Performance Night Spring 2016

April 14 & 15, 2016

Furtherance to Occlusion launches from a profound passion and deep-seated appreciation for neuroscience, precisely concerning the sensation and perception mysteries of our human vision and hearing. The choreographic composition engages a perpetuating embodiment of physical reality abreast of spiritual and relational semblances that brush against a familiar kinship in the audience. This work contemplates our role of wrestling with an inexhaustible nature of interacting with and interpreting the unseen, limitations fabricating bewilderment with awe. An exertion of multimedia elements aims to invite viewers to savor the human privilege of accessing perceived experiences, and to call for the exercise of our natural gift of curiosity.

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