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Love Letters

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CS Modern Luxury

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Director: Yuge Zhou

Choreographer: Hannah Santistevan

Performers: Samington Crouchwell (Summer, Spring, Winter), Rebecca Huang, Xavier Núñez

Music: Ori Zur

Editor: Yuge Zhou

Technical Artists: Patrick Steppan, Mary Franck

Advisors: James George, Stephen Farell

Videography: Big Foot Media, Viktor Gerasimovski

Lighting: Parker Nyquist

Filmed at Mainstage Chicago

Premiered at Art on theMART

September 8 - November 18, 2022

Financial Times China

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Love Letters is a series of seasonal dance films portraying a courtship between two urban dwellers making the journey towards a union in a labyrinth metropolis. The narrative of searching for a loved one began with the Summer, Spring and Winter episodes featuring performers Samington Crouchwell and Rebecca Diane Huang. Directed by Chinese-born, Chicago-based artist Yuge Zhou and choreographer Hannah Santistevan, Love Letters culminated in a ten-minute lively fall dance film that incorporates colorful architectural shapes with tender gestures that generate magnetic energy. The video was breathtakingly projected onto the facade of the Merchandise Mart on the Chicago Riverwalk downtown. Love Letters premiered from September through November as part of the fall 2022 program celebrating Year of Chicago Dance at Art on theMART, the largest permanent digital art projection in the world.

Recap video of a ten-minute lively film

Love Letters (Summer) is the first episode of the four-part dance film series. Created in the middle of the pandemic, the Summer episode portrays two urban dwellers transcending separation in order to make a connection. The piece features two dancers standing on the east and west banks of the Chicago River, sending messages to one another from afar using gestures, against the industrial backdrop of the city's South Side neighborhood.


Four-minute excerpt of an eight-minute video.

Love Letters (Spring) is the second episode of the dance film series. Two urban dwellers accept closeness and the process of cultivating familiarity. The environment of the film is at a forest reserve and dancers immerse themselves in a shallow river. The rich beauty and colorful nature render a visual representation of the gentle excitement of confiding in someone you are getting to know. This video is a short excerpt.

Love Letters (Winter) is the third episode of the video trilogy. Two urban dwellers overcome obstacles and physical barriers in order to communicate their affection. The scenery and setting is on a multi-axis pier during a snowstorm, which emphasizes difficulties and the rewards of diligently bridging distances.

Two-minute excerpt of a nine-minute video

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