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Choreographer: Rebecca Diane Huang

Singer/Musician: Christa Sangster

Music Scoring/Design: Donavahn Frierson

Costume Design: SJ Parizo

Lighting Design: Kevin Rechner

Dancers: Michelle Balsamo, Aaliyah Christina, Rebecca Diane Huang and Marceia Scruggs

Mentor: Lisa Gonzales

Video Documentation: Jane Jerardi

Photo Credits: Philip Dembinski

The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

Senior Capstone Concert 1

April 27 & 28, 2017

Consecration is inspired by the biblical idea of "consecration"– devoting the self to God irrevocably and being set apart. The dance is a breathtaking sketch of relational pardon, fidelity and relentlessness. Unhurried emergence and shifting of form, patient observance, intuitive responsiveness and moments of attention act as anchoring points of exploration. Idiosyncratic movements were lusciously and impactfully executed on a viscerally, holistically and intimately felt ground. The affluence of intentionality abiding in this work is aroused from individual confrontations of a universal dire need of companionship, devotion, comfort and choice-making in committed relationships.


This dance is birthed in in-depth conceptual discourses, personal exchanges and collaboration research which provided a thoughtful milieu for a collision of individual experiences and thoughts portrayed as a committed, supportive and unified whole. Featuring the extraordinarily angelic singing voice of Christa Sangster and the exquisite music score composed by Donavahn Frierson, this work invites the audience into the inquisitive and sacred space between relinquishing and withholding. Audiences from all walks of life will richly resonate with themes of intimacy, companionship and commitment portrayed powerfully through movement. 

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