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Dear Patron,


I want to first thank you for choosing to spend your night enjoying this intimate multimedia modern dance performance, Sat in a Boat. I am grateful to have the chance to share this work with you. Typically, dance shows will have these 5.5”x8.5” programs. But for tonight, I invite you to explore this special website page as the digital program full of rich information and inspiration!


Sat in a Boat consists of four sections, you can click into each of the four parts to read synopses for more in-depth notes, meaning and resources. Please reference Production Order below. I invite you to reflect in your soul, even prayerful while engaging in tonight’s content. I must admit that quite a lot of writing and words are a part of this program and production, I invite you to read along!


My hope is that you find the performance relatable, encouraging, honest and uplifting. If you would like to listen to the music or search out the original sources from apologetics post-show, all are available on this website. We cannot wait to hear your feedback and thoughts. Stick around for the post-show panel discussion and light snacks too!



Sat in a Boat was first inspired by a seemingly mundane moment recorded in the Book of Mark from the New Testament, the second division of the Christian biblical canon. The opening of chapter 4 reads: “A very large crowd gathered about him [Jesus], so that he got into a boat and sat in it on the sea, and the whole crowd was beside the sea on the land. And he was teaching them many things…” (Mark 4:1-2).


The Christian faith believes that the historical Jesus, in whom all deity dwells, has reconciled humanity to the "God who dwells in unapproachable light whom no one has ever seen or can see" (1 Timothy 6:16). In other words, the higher power or God that we once regarded as unknowable, distant and aloof actually stepped down from heaven to be near to His creation - even engaging in such a pedestrian and mundane activity like sitting in a boat as described in Mark. Picture the God of ages sitting in a boat and speaking with regular people - unbelievable proximity, intimacy and humility! This dance contemplates the juxtaposition between the belief of an unreachable and apathetic higher power versus the belief that God came to be with us in accordance with the Gospel message. The dance performance also explores contrasting themes of distance and proximity, alienation and intimacy, through an intersection of movement, singing, originally composed music, animation, a script and spoken word.

But then you continue to read the rest of the chapter after pausing to reflect on the opening verses, and the dance continues to be informed by the compelling narrative. The chapter delineates many teachings in the form of parables to eventually depict the arresting picture of Jesus calming a storm with terrified disciples. The chapter ends with a question, “Who then is this?”

Sat in a Boat really then developed into an entire journey of faith from recognizing the Ancient of Days here with us, to seeking, listening and responding to His teachings, to stepping out of our own boats of comfort in faith and wrestling with hard questions of Christianity. All leading to an eventual embracing of God’s redemptive love. It's not perfect, but it is honest. The vulnerability, intelligence and boldness performers portray in Sat in a Boat hope to bring you, dear audience member, a sense of clarity and encouragement that God is there, trustworthy and close when all we can see sometimes are the storms of life. Our many waters can be calmed.

Sat in a Boat was partially funded and made possible by the

Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Individual Artist Program

Photo Credit: Kristie Kahns

Production Order

Click into each section for synopses, notes, meaning and resources
Feel free to clap and cheer to encourage performers during the production 


Pull Me a Little Closer


Where Are You



Light and Darkness



Is He + Evil and Suffering

Manuscript Tradition




Look at Him Come

Pull Me a Little Closer/Still

Sat in a Boat


Photo Credit: Kristie Kahns

In a world filled with despair and tragedy, we often feel stuck in a sea of confusion, thrashing and clawing our way to a light at the end of the tunnel. Yet amid the darkness, we are still driven by unquenchable passion, evidence, hope and an innate knowledge that we are built for more, that salvation may yet be attainable. That God, still sits on the throne and is King above the flood.

Second City Church

Sundays @10am
Greenhouse Theater
2257 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL

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