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This section is a very vulnerable, raw and real depiction of pain, suffering and anxiety in life. Yet, there is still hope and companionship in depression. It goes without saying that each humanbeing experiences periods of triasl and storms in life. Beginning with an intimate duet between Sarah Baker and Rebecca D. Huang, the performance showcases sisterhood, support in hardship with several comforting motifs and gestures such as God collecting tears a bottle (Psalm 56:8), God lifting up dowcast faces (Psalm 3:3), God wiping away tears from eyes (Revelation 21:4) and more. This is a touching section as it reflects fluctuating realities of hope, sadness, in-between emotions, and even the uncertain, undefined ones. The section proceeds to witness four dancers communally and individually expressing pain and confusion that audience members will relate to. Culminating into a heartwrenching duet by Elijah Richardson and Rebecca D. Huang set to an original song by Christa J. Sangster Monroe. Have you ever asked where is God in the midst of your situation? We have too. This section pulls in content from a sermon preached by Dr. Timothy Keller titled, Lord of the Storm and it is highly recommended to listen to the entire podcast post-show for reflection.

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