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Love Letters

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Love Letters is a four-part dance film series that portray a courtship between two people in a labyrinth metropolis. Directed by artist Yuge Zhou and choreographed by Hannah Santistevan, the project is inspired by the collective experiences of isolation and separation felt by many during the global pandemic. I've had the privilege to participate and perform as the lead female dancer in all four episodes: summer, fall, winter and spring. The final episode will be presented at Art on theMART in the fall of 2022. The content shared are works-in-progress and all rights are owned by artist Yuge Zhou.

Love Letters (summer) is the first episode in the video series. This episode depicts lovers overcoming obstacles and physical barriers in order to communicate their affection. The piece features two dancers standing on the east and west banks of the Chicago River, sending messages to one another from afar using gestures, against the industrial backdrop of the city’s South Side neighborhood.

Movement Artists: Sam Crouch and Rebecca Huang

Love Letters (winter) is the conclusion of the courtship dance. But this courtship is without reconciliation and resolution. It is shot on a multi-axis pier during a snowstorm, which emphasizes the obstacles even when distances can be bridged.

Movement Artists: Sam Crouch and Rebecca Huang

han_michael slipping through fingers IG post.PNG

Love Letters (spring) was filmed at Main Stage Chicago and will debut fall of 2022 at Art on theMART.

Movement Artists: Rebecca Huang and Xavier Nunez

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